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Seattle Hasn’t Forgotten


I wonder what that “something else” could possibly be…

SSSBDA: Patience Pays for Hansen, Sonics Fans


In 1992, the Seattle-area publisher Positively for Kids released a book co-authored by Mariners star Edgar Martinez about his journey entitled Patience Pays. Long-time Seattle sports fans will know the title was appropriate for two reasons. Not only was Martinez known for his patient approach…

Hansen, Seattle Council reach deal on financing new sports arena

One step closer for the return of NBA to Seattle and possibly the start of an NHL franchise!

Thanks to the die hard Sonics fans that kept the issues on the forefront for so long. Folks like the Sonicsgate crew, Bring Back Our Sonics and others.

I, like many Washingtonians, want our Sonics back. We DO NOT want the Thunder but a new team whom we will love and rename Seattle Sonics… because our 41 year history is to be continued…


Seattle Super Sonics NBA “BIG” commercial

Correcting Seattle Times misconceptions regarding the proposed arena

It appears the mayor newspaper in tow is not providing accurate information regarding the Seattle Arena proposal.  Mayor McGinn’s office had to release a statement clarifying misconceptions generated by local media.

Thousands rally for Seattle arena

Those in attendance got to see the stars from Seattle’s teams of the 1990s in Payton and Kemp, along with Seattle hip-hop artists Common Market, Macklemore and Blue Scholars and rock group President of the United States of America.

Hansen, who wore a Sonics jacket with “Payton,” stitched across the back and mingled backstage with former stars plus current NBA playersNate Robinson,Aaron BrooksandSpencer Hawes, said part of the rally’s goal was to give fans an outlet after most of their efforts have been put into contacting local politicians to push for supporting the proposal.

"I think people wanted an outlet too," Hansen said. "There is so much pent up energy and this was definitely a way to express it in a positive way especially with Oklahoma (City) in the Finals."

There is still much work to do and many more opportunities to show your support. Please tweet to @KCCouncil & @SeattleCouncil and voice your opinion OR attend the next public hearing on July 19 regarding the proposal for a new multi-purpose arena in SODO. Members of the public are invited to attend and give in-person testimony to City and County council members. Both Councils accept written public comments at any time.

What: Public hearing on proposed SODO arena legislation
When: Thursday, July 19, 5:30 p.m.
Sign-up begins at 5 p.m.
Where: Bertha Knight Landes Room, Seattle City Hall
(600 Fourth Ave, First Floor)

Gracias to the +5,000 die hard Sonic fans that came to the ‘Bring back our Sonics Rally’ today. Keep up the momentum and pressure on the Seattle & KC councils.

- A Die Hard Sonic fan out of town

Gary Payton to Seattle fans: Let's move on

"Well I know who the whole state of Washington will be rooting for," he said. "But it’s one of those things. I said last night, it’s not our team anymore, let’s move on and get our own team, get our own team and then we don’t even have to worry about that team anymore and can go on about our business and make it what it’s supposed to be which is to have our own team. And that’s what we’re going to go out and do on Thursday."


How the NBA Finals should look…

Go Seattle Supersonics!

As Thunder enter Finals, Seattle sulks over team's bitter departure

"I think the Oklahoma people get very frustrated with Sonics fans," Reid said. "They think we’re attacking them. We’re not. We think they did everything they needed to do to deserve an NBA franchise. We just wish it wasn’t our team. And as long as they have a shared history with Seattle and act like it’s the same franchise, we’re going to keep raising our voices. We’re going to stay at it until we have a team back here."

Read more:

Detlef Schrempf on the former Seattle SuperSonics: ‘We gave [the team] away. We screwed up.’

"I don’t think they stole our team. It’s a business. The NBA is making money. It’s not a charitable organization. Somebody saw an opportunity to buy a team and bring something to their city. I don’t see them (stealing) our team. We gave it away. Our leadership gave it away. Our politicians gave it away. We screwed up (by not agreeing to build a facility to replace outmoded Key Arena)."

Schrempf, like a goodly chunk of the American viewing public, will be rooting for the Thunder in these Finals, but not just for their uneasy history with the city he calls home. From Tomasson’s piece:

"I like the way they play as a team and the passion they have," Schrempf said. "I know a couple (of players) on the team and a couple of guys who are still sitting behind the bench (the equipment manager and strength coach being holdovers from Seattle) working hard. So I’ll definitely pull for them.

"It’s not the same team," Schrempf said. "There’s nothing left from the Sonics, really. There’s no tradition. It’s a totally new organization, a different city."

Ballmer, Nordstrom family join SODO arena investment group

SEATTLE – Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Peter and Erik Nordstrom have joined the investment group to build a new arena in Seattle’s SODO neighborhood and lure an NBA team back to the city.

Hansen made the announcement in a letter to Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and King County Executive Dow Constantine. He cited “intense community interest” and requests from the Seattle City and King County councils as reasons for making the announcement now.

"They appreciate the role the Sonics played in this community for more than 40 years and see this project as an opportunity to bring that civic asset back to our community," said Hansen. "Their participation in the ownership group brings added assurances the business will always be backed by strong local hands and reinforces my commitment that the team will never again leave Seattle.

"The local roots of this group run deep and each individual is invested in creating a lasting positive impact on the community," he added.

Hansen will remain the majority partner.

Do You Know Your Enemy? Why We Should All Root for the Miami Heat to Beat the Oklahoma City Thunder

Kobe failed us, Duncan & Parker too… Note to: LeBron, Wayde & Bosh, do it for the people of Seattle!!!

OKC, no ring until we get a team!

Signed, Seattle Sonic fans… Yes, we will not forget!

Stop trash-talking the WNBA!

Mitch Lawrence wrote the following in an article about Sonic fans’ heartaches: “Now, they’re seeing former Sonics/current Thunder GM Sam Presti’s rebuilding effort pay off for their old team with a young championship nucleus, while all they’ve been left with for pro basketball is the WNBA’s Storm, a poor substitute for an NBA title contender.”

Besides being a die hard Storm fan, I also happen to be a Sonics fan who is in pain and still mourning their loss.  But one can’t compare these two leagues as they aren’t the same kind.

I don’t know where Mitch got this idea… The WNBA has no intention of substituting the NBA. It never did. The WNBA is a league that provides girls with role model athletes.  Women sports are women sports and men sports are men sports. I’m tired of men, trying to compare the WNBA to the NBA and talk trash about the WNBA teams and athletes. To me, that is like comparing oranges to apples. There is no need to patronize women sports… if you don’t like women sports, don’t watch them but do not trash them either.  

Female athletes are as talented, skilled and hard working as male athletes. As a matter of fact, they have more commitment because they are hardly ever paid a high paid salary, like the lowest skilled athlete in NBA (MLB, NFL and other male pro sport leagues) and many still manage to raise a family in the process. There are physiological differences that stand in between achieving maximum parity… it is not for lack of training or skills. So, cut it off!

By the way, Mitch, the Seattle Storm are the ONLY professional team in Seattle with more than one championship trophy… Seattle Storm WNBA Champions 2004 & 2010…

Jun 2

You haven't seen Sonicsgate???

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You can watch the full documentary of how the Seattle Sonics were taken away from Seattle after 41 years of existence, go to: